The War On Christmas, Revised

@Jesus_M_Christ I can see why you’d make
Christmas about Santa. He brings you cheap plastic toys. All I did
was die for your sins.

The fake Twitter Jesus might have a point.

As Christians, we tend to declare war on things. (both figuratively and literally speaking) With good intentions, of course.. i think… ironically enough. We are famous for declaring war on democrats, people who follow non-protestant religions, and anything that has a European feel to it. We even declare war on people that declare war on things; and when we respond to a cashier that has been told to say “happy holidays” or get fired with a firm, resounding “And Merry CHRISTmas to you too”, we feel that the battle is ours. I don’t know. It’s dumb, but these are our orders, according to James Dobson and Glenn Beck.

But while we’re busy declaring war on neutral things that we subjectively dub as the enemy, a real enemy gets away scott free. The one thing we don’t declare war on that we probably should: consumerism.

Everything that Christmas has become in western society is entirely anti-Christmas. Whether it’s giving or getting, the media has helped us redefine a successful Christmas by what we buy.

Essentially, spending = loving.

And when this is the case, sorry Dr Dobson, Christ has already been taken out of Christmas. We profess Christianity, when really we are consumed by the religion of buying stuff. If the things we desire are the things that we worship, and if the object of our worship is indicative of our religion, well then aren’t we just a bunch of pagans come December each year?

I’ve been reading the book “Advent Conspiracy” which talks about countering this consumerist religion with a dose of spending less on gifts for Christmas and instead giving to charities and orphanages and clean water missions. Given the amount of brainwashing we’ve been raised in as good American citizens, this has a bit more a crazed feel to it than should naturally exist for followers of Christ. It’s a sad but true state.

I think instead of being afraid of the war on christmas, we should embrace it. A war on everything that Christmas has become. We should actually declare it ourselves. Yeah, don’t worry, it’ll have a very intuitive feel. Just replace “Obamacare” with “Wal Mart”.

oh, and happy holidays! 😉