AT&T, Comcast, Verizon All Agree They Need Friends, Work out Douchey Contract to Impress Music Industry.

Three of the biggest ISP names are all on the verge of signing a contract that will make a lot of people unhappy, and a tiny amount of mostly wealthy people really happy.  Essentially, ISP’s that suspect a customer of pirating software will dish out warnings, followed by cutting back on bandwidth or limiting the user to the… top 200 websites of the internet.  So, luckily, you will still be allowed to check Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite porn site.

Comcast’s son taking after daddy, already hitting the bottle. Or whatever this is called.

What this means and why it will make everybody hate these guys more than they might already, is that there are major concerns of due process.  For all we know, they could just choose any user to accuse of wrongdoing and punish them, without hearing their side of the story.  It makes the big guys seem more menacing, un-relatable, and unlikable.

“This is why nobody likes you guys.”, they are told by peers.

Sadly, they will get just enough affirmation from the music industry people that it will encourage future attention-seeking desperation and self-destructive tendencies.  AT&T will start spray-painting profanity all around town. Comcast will buy a Harley and pump the gas without going anywhere.  Verizon will start to be attracted to the flighty rebellious types.  When you’re this insecure, you’re liable to do some pretty stupid things.  You would think pissing everybody off would teach them a lesson, but no, this is apparently what they thrive on.  This is why the world needs good counselors?