OFF BASELINE is a personal blog brought to you by provisionally licensed mental health therapist Nate Staley.

OFF BASELINE attempts to explore news, politics, spirituality, and other topics through the lens of social science, on macro and micro scales of scientific, historical and cultural context. And through fart jokes, probably.

NATE STALEY is a husband, dad, mental health counselor, military brat, practicing Christian, and a total SJW. He’s also been referred to throughout the years as a pompous airbag and a stupid homeschooler. Nate espouses a Consistent Life Ethic, with the radical notion that human life is intrinsically valuable throughout the lifespan – womb to tomb. Nate hears the phrase ‘Social Welfare’ and thinks, ‘lets have more of that’ rather than ‘something something bootstraps’. Nate is often obsessed with odd things like baseball, public transportation, and plane crash investigations. Nate is getting tired of writing in the third person just because some blog he Googled recommended that it would make for a killer bio page.