Baseball – Why It’s More Than a Game {VIDEO}

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We’re always looking at how we’re different from one another:

whether it’s political beliefs, religion, race,

who your friends are, or who your enemies are.

When I was five years old I already knew all of these differences.

So did my brother, and we didn’t exactly get along.

Then he handed me a bat, and taught me to hit a ball with it.

And suddenly, we had something in common.

I learned how to play a game,

but it’s so much more than a game.

It was where I learned that even if you’re taller than me

I can still out-hit, and out-run you.

It was where I learned how to fail, and that it was okay

because you were going to fail too!

I learned that enemies could be friends.

It’s an incredible game.

Baseball changed everything for me

by teaching me that when you step up to home plate

with a bat in your hand

no matter where you come from,

who you are,

what you’re used to,

or what you know –

you’re still ninety feet away from first base.

After Seventeen Years of Watching the Mariners

I’ve now officially seen them get perfect game’d more than I’ve seen them make it to the World Series.

I’ve also seen Rob Johnson. And Bobby Ayala. Hey, at least they didn’t play in the same era.

There’s my floor. I think I’ve found it. It could be way worse!


An crudely drawn approximation of a possible world where a Bobby Ayala pitch is aptly handled by Rob Johnson with the winning run on third in a real game.

Do you get that I wasn’t too big on RoJo yet?